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Engineering Solutions

Innovative Werks provides full-scope electrical, instrumentation, and automation design of integrated control systems, including distributed control systems (DCS) and programmable logic controller (PLC)-based systems. As a platform-independent automation solutions provider, we offer expertise in various third-party hardware to find a fit-for-purpose solution for your process and business needs.

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We offer a full-time endeavor, automation solutions and field services

Engineering Services

In order to provide effective solutions to control the flow of electricity, one must understand a customer’s electrical infrastructure. Once an understanding of a customer’s electrical infrastructure is obtained, the equipment has to be able to perform according to their design. Let our team analyze your electrical infrastructure and optimize its performance.

Power System Studies
Relay Testing
Switchgear Retrofit and digitalization
Instrumentation Calibration
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Field Services
Startup / Commissioning
Instrumentation Calibration
Installation Services
Automation Solutions

Are you read for the Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) revolution? Innovative Werks is leading the way in developing custom Android and Windows 10 applications.

NERC CIP Standards
Software Development
HMI Design
Control System Migration
Control System Integration
Control System Design